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I'm Taylor MacDonald.

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The fun doesn't have to stop when you have kids 

Motherhood is just another reason to take care of yourself (and look good while you're doing it.)

My mission is to create a community centred around the beautiful chaos we live in and deal with as women and mothers. I hope you'll come along! 

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First things first, I am a proud wife, mom, and stepmom to five wonderful children. While family consumes most of my life and heart these days, I also thrive off of my entrepreneurial goals. Before becoming a wife and mother, I feel as if I lived many lives. 

I lived around the world as an international model for over ten years. Eventually, I moved away from modelling to try my hand at Fashion Styling and Creative Directing for major fashion publications. I worked my way up to become the head of the personal styling program for one of Canada’s biggest department stores, and would also make appearances on TV shows to do current trend talks. 

This led me to start my own personal branding and styling company. Through this endeavour, I was able to teach people about style and help them feel confident in who they were, no matter what clothes they were wearing. Working with individuals, talking about current fashion trends, and helping people feel good about themselves will always be a huge part of who I am. 

mom & entrepreneur & content creator

Ready for a total style overhaul?

I am offering a complete personal re-brand experience to help create a personal brand and image perfect for your life, business, and ambitions. If you can dream it, we can style it.

This package is perfect for anyone wanting to rebrand their style, step confidently into any room, and make a fantastic impression.

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I am giving you access to the links of all my favourite things. From skincare to clothing to my go-to health products, I am sharing it all. 


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Working with brands in the lifestyle, fashion, beauty and health and wellness space, I offer sponsored posts, dedicated stories, photography, videos, reels and more.

Media kit + rates available upon request.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes shouldn’t be an extra item on your to-do list.

Let’s work together to first discover what makes you feel your best and then we’ll build a closet that works for your lifestyle.

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