I'm Taylor MacDonald


The first thing you should know about me is that I am a proud wife, mom, and stepmom to five wonderful children. I’m also an entrepreneur, international model, fashion stylist, and health and wellness lover.  

My husband and I live a beautifully blended, wonderfully imperfect, and slightly chaotic life that’s a total balancing act. 

But I wouldn’t have it any other way than how it is. And you shouldn’t have to either.

I get why you’re here. Because I’ve been there, girl. 

My desire to create a supportive community for women and mamas began in a moment of vulnerability so many of us women and mamas often face. You know the place…

Navigating health issues, trying to hold it down as a loving mom and stepmom, and staying motivated as an entrepreneur, I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself. And I couldn’t do it alone.

I also knew there were so many women out there feeling the exact same way. 


If you were to meet me today, the first thing I would tell you about myself is that I am a proud wife, mom, and stepmom to five wonderful children. While family consumes most of my life and heart these days, I also thrive off of my entrepreneurial goals. Before becoming a wife and mother, I feel as if I lived many lives. 

I lived around the world as an international model for over ten years. Eventually, I moved away from modelling to try my hand at Fashion Styling and Creative Directing for major fashion publications. I worked my way up to become the head of the personal styling program for one of Canada’s biggest department stores, and would also make appearances on TV shows to do current trend talks. 

This led me to start my own personal branding and styling company. Through this endeavour, I was able to teach people about style and help them feel confident in who they were, no matter what clothes they were wearing. Working with individuals, talking about current fashion trends, and helping people feel good about themselves will always be a huge part of who I am. 

After some time, I started my own modelling agency, The People Mgmt. My number one goal in opening my own agency was to help empower young women in the industry. I spent years seeing how young women were managed by large companies and often disregarded based on their body type or overall look. I work hard every day to ensure that my models feel strong, that they have a voice, and that they will be represented for who they truly are. I am so proud to say that now we have models that have worked all around the world and continue to do the work to change the industry standards

Recently, I have found myself at home more and more due to some health issues. Through this experience, I realize I can’t do it all, at least not on my own. I still want to help make an impact on the world and help others - moms, models, women, anyone! - as much as I can, so the idea of starting a blog just seemed natural. 

While there is never a dull moment, in motherhood and entrepreneurship, I started to realize that I wasn’t taking care of myself. Moms are often told 'YOU can't pour from an empty cup', And I knew that I needed to make some positive changes for my health and wellness in order to be the best mother I can be. 

which brings us to today... I currently find myself deep in this new journey if health and wellness and I am never looking back! 

Just like anyone, I find myself continually growing and learning, and I want this to be a space where I can share that with others. I created the insider to inspire others while making a positive impact on fellow moms. I am so proud of the beautiful chaos I find myself surrounded by daily while being a mom and woman. 


How did I get from “no time for me” to just enough time to feel damn good again?

I’d been putting myself last for so long I’d literally forgotten the very mantra I’d recited to clients and others for over 17 years working in the modelling and fashion industry:

You can’t pour from an empty cup, mama!

Suddenly, I knew I needed to make some changes and focus on my own health and wellness to be the best mother I could be. There was no looking back!

Embarking on my own health and wellness journey and learning to put myself first (at least a wee bit), I was so lucky to have the support of my husband, family, and amazing people around me. 

The only thing I realized was missing was a steady, heart-filled, and supportive community of women who had my back and could relate to what I was feeling. 

So…I created a special, close-to-my-heart community where women could come together to “ditch the no time for me BS” and feel supported, beautiful and amazing. 

Why did I create The Insider?

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Travelling the world as an international model, I get it, girl — obsessing over perfection doesn’t make the hard stuff feel any easier. 

One thing I learned working as a personal stylist for one of Canada’s largest department stores is to lean into imperfection, into what makes people unique, to empower them. 

My life isn’t perfect, and I don’t want it to be. I’m so proud to say my blended family runs as a true family unit. Our co-parenting relationships are a 10/10, and I believe that’s exactly as it should be.

It isn’t about being perfect. It’s about feeling fabulous.  

Looking Good, Feeling Fine
Nourishing Your Body & Soul
Nurturing Your Living Space 

These things aren’t about perfection. They're about feeling fabulous. When we feel good about ourselves (I mean damn good), the chaos of life doesn’t feel so overwhelming. It can be beautiful, even. Just like you. 

I’ve got you covered, mama. Come on inside…