Meet Stylist Taylor MacDonald

Taylor MacDonald

Style Expert 


I am here to be your partner in elevating and uncovering your personal aesthetic. I am a personal stylist with a penchant for creativity and a skill for weaving beauty with personality, allowing fashion to enrich and emphasize my client’s sense of self. 

I have been a stylist, consultant and designer for more than ten years. I have worked for editorial magazines, fashion houses and textile companies around the world. Europe to China, Korea to Turkey I have sought out a wealth of knowledge and gained insight into the power and the art of fashion. 

I believe that working with a stylist is not about masking who a person is, it’s about letting people be who they are and empowering them to be their best. 

The reasons that client’s come to me are as diverse as they are. Whether they work demanding jobs that don’t afford them time to shop, or they are adjusting to a change in their lifestyle. Having an in-depth understanding of textiles and a range of products allows me to tailor my process to your body, your personality, your schedule and your budget. 

My work is about allowing you to present yourself to the world with confidence, finding unique pieces that accentuate all the remarkable details that make you who you are. 

My fundamental belief is that everyone deserves to feel and look amazing. I am here to support you: with integrity, experience and an eye for the outstanding. 

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Taylor Macdonald