taylor m.

personal + brand styling

Is it time you finally felt confident in who you are AND what you're wearing?

Girl, I know how to make that happen.

Working with people, talking about current fashion trends, and helping people feel good about themselves will always be a huge part of who I am. 

Let me help you

How It Works


We’ll connect (in person or over the phone/Zoom/Google Meet) and chat about your style journey to date.


I’ll spend a day pulling looks together/creating a look book to give you options (we love options).


You will feel confident, comfortable, on trend and most of all, look great! 

i can help because i've been there

I lived around the world as an international model for over ten years.

I then worked my way up to become the head of the personal styling program for one of Canada’s biggest department stores, and would also make appearances on TV shows to do current trend talks. 

This led me to start my own personal branding and styling company. Through this endeavour, I was able to teach people about style and help them feel confident in who they were, no matter what clothes they were wearing. 

And I've come to realize, we all need a little help with change.

Change is the only constant in life. What your style was 1 year, 2 kids, or 3 career changes ago isn’t what you may want it to be today. And that's ok!

You will get...

Stress-free mornings.
A renewed confidence.
The understanding that trends come and go and we don't have to follow them (if we don't want to).

ready to get starteD? let's go >

How does that sound?

Taylor can style for any budget, event, body type and preference.

She has so much care and consideration into every item she chooses and tailors her sessions accordingly. She provides helpful insight on classic cuts, trends and endless combinations of outfits. Her knowledge is unparalleled and her energy infectious.  She’s a wealth of knowledge and I feel so fortunate to know her and work with her. I can’t wait for our next session!

- megan

“Amber is a literal creative genius and what she created for my business

is damn sexy!”

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Styling Session

$125.00/hour plus $250.00 prep fee. Minimum 4 hour booking.

Let’s do something with style together. We’ll connect (in person or over the phone/Zoom/Google Meet) and chat about your style journey to date, understand your personal styling goals, budget and style icons. Equipped with this, I’ll spend a day pulling looks together to give you options (we love options) followed by a personal styling session where we make your new personal brand come to life.

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in person

Styling Session

$425/hr flat rate

In a remote-first world, your location shouldn’t impact your access to style. We’ll connect and become email pen pals and dig into your style journey, understand your personal styling goals, budget and style icons. Then, I’ll create a personalized and curated lookbook with 10 different outfits, complete with accessories, that can be styled and worn dozens of different ways, along with shopping links to add to cart!



Closet Overhaul

$1,500 - 5 Hours

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear? Yet you have a full closet? Do you feel like you where the same outfits? Do you feel totally Blah when you go to open your closet?
Well then this is for you! I promise I will bring the joy back into your closet, 100% guarantee.  Together, we’ll get rid of your barely worn, outdated pieces and revamp your looks with current items in your closet. You will have new ways to wear outfits, You will be in-love with your closet again and blown away at how things can work together.
I’ll craft you a lookbook by re-imagining and styling items in your closet allowing for a super easy-to-use reference tool. Then, I’ll help you continue to evovle your style with a list of suggested items to add into your closet over time.

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The Complete Personal Re-Brand Experience


Did you know we make judgements of people within the first ten seconds? Our clothes tell a story of who we are and what we have to offer. Now that we’re all back to work, networking and being social, it is a perfect time to recreate a new first impression! 

Let me help create a personal brand and image perfect for your life, business, and ambitions. If you can dream it, we can style it.

Package includes:
  • A 1:1 Discovery Call to establish your goals and future new YOU.
  • A custom mood board for your new wardrobe.
  • Fifteen personally curated looks put together through a 1:1 video call.
  • Eight hours of private Voxer chat to discuss items in your closet.

PLUS, as part of this package you will get a fantastic rebrand photoshoot
  • A personal brand photoshoot with my network of world-renowned photographers, with me as creative director.
  • A total of six images that speak to your unique brand. 
  • A curated hair and makeup look.
    *Please note that the hair and makeup artist will be an additional cost but discounted with my connections.
  • Three reels from BTS at the shoot you can use for your social/marketing channels.

This package is perfect for anyone wanting to rebrand their style, step confidently into any room, and make a fantastic impression.



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You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.